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Everyone is competing with any number of other hospitals, groups, and communities.

Appropriate aggressiveness and consistent methodology in every phase and activity of this process will increase results.


Endeavor to include some in their age group.

Dinner functions should include an adequate number of positive-thinking members of the medical staff, and their spouses if at all possible, as well as community leaders and selected other professional citizens.


A well planned tour of the area is also a must.

If it’s thrown together at the last minute, it may not be the image you want to make. This includes schools, places of worship, recreational opportunities, housing, land, etc. The wrong realtor will hurt your efforts.


Our client approach

First and foremost believe this: our role is not to “sell you” on someone, or convince a candidate to make a rash decision.

Our job is to listen, learn and make sure we understand the immediate and long- term goals of your organization or institution. Then, ensure we are meeting those goals. We will represent your needs in the most real, authentic and ethical manner possible to make sure we attract the best possible candidate to meet those needs.

This all starts with us. Once engaged, we will conduct an onsite visit to gain firsthand knowledge of the practice, the community and meet with all the key decision makers. We want to fully understand your needs, your vision, your culture, the type of people who have the best opportunity to succeed and the type of person you want to have in your organization.

Our approach is simple – we treat each client uniquely to their needs matching our industry wide knowledge in order to save you time and money. Each assignment is customized through our “Best Practices” process to ensure we deliver the results you are looking for. Our national search campaign utilizes all traditional and social media tools available beginning with our proprietary database of candidates and working with you through the introduction, interview stages and contract negotiations. We are with you the entire way through the process.

We’ve learned over time you can’t be all things to all people. So, be the best with who you work with. That’s why we stay within the scope of expertise we offer and work with a limited number of clients developing personalized relationships, which drive maximum results. And it is why we enjoy long, successful relationships with clients like Weill Cornell, University of Minnesota and Aurora Diagnostics.

In this ever-changing and rapidly expanding age of specialization the world of healthcare has made it more important than ever to be focused, to be the best in specific areas rather than to be all things to all people. That’s why at Sante we are recognized as industry leaders in the recruitment of pathologists and labatorians. It’s our areas of focus and expertise, which we help you find those candidates who want to be leaders in pathology and personalized medicine. Candidates who are students of their fields strive to make a difference, to help our clients provide the very best care possible.

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Our Clients

Testimonial from Dr. Leo Furcht; Chairman- University of Minnesota
We started working with Sante Consulting and Rich Cornell in 2010. At that time we had many senior nationally and internationally recognized leaders of our various divisions of anatomic and clinical pathology. Many of these faculty were approaching retirement age. We made a strategic decision at this point to carefully and deliberately hire the next generation of faculty and leaders that could serve our department and institutional needs for the next ten to twenty years. Since then we have hired 26 faculty and this number will reach 30 by June ’17. We hired people ranging from full professors to people right out of fellowships. By working with Sante we always had a high quality pool of candidates and our searches were always done in a timely manner, i.e. just a few months. There was a dramatic improvement in our recruiting efforts and it was far more efficient than our recruiting prior to working with Sante. We never had a failure. Our experience with Sante has been so positive that we will never do a search without using Sante. Their efforts on our behalf have been nothing less than outstanding.

Leo T. Furcht, MD
Allen-Pardee Professor and Head
Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
University of Minnesota

Testimonial from Dr. Dennis O’Neill, President Eastern CT. Pathology Consultants.

In the past several years, our pathology group (Eastern Connecticut Pathology Consultants) has hired multiple pathologists with the assistance of Sante Consulting.

They not only reduced the time we spent on recruitment through their screening and vetting processes, but they also consistently sent us excellent candidates tailored specifically to our practice circumstances.  Whether it’s succession planning, market expansion or just routine pathologist replacement, Rich Cornell and his team are the national experts in pathologist recruitment.

Every dollar you spend will be well worth it in the time you save and in the final results of your search efforts.

Dr. Dennis O’Neill


Eastern Connecticut Pathology Consultants