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Interview tips

To prepare for your interview for your next pathology job search, you will need physical and attitude preparation. You will also need to understand what your goals are for the interview.

Physical Preparation

It is important to plan the image you with to present. Dress according to conservative codes regardless of what dress may be appropriate for the position you see. Dress in a professional, conservative manner, your personal taste may not be the best guide.

Attitude Preparation

Simply, the objective of the interview is to leave a favorable impression. So that all possibilities remain open to you, always conduct yourself as if you are determined to get the job you are discussing. Your goal on an interview is to learn enough about the opportunity in order to make an intelligent decision, as well as leaving a favorable impression. Do not assume that a job offer is automatic just because you have been invited in for an interview.

Your Two Main Goals

  • Convince the employer that you can make a positive contribution to their organization that is equal or greater than their investments in your salary and your training.
  • Convince the employer that you will be a compatible member of their team. Bear in mind that both you and the employer are selling and evaluating each other.
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