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The Changing Face of Pathology

The Great Resignation is taking a toll on existing groups and clinical laboratories. As Baby Boomer and Gen X pathologists retire, pathology practices must update their recruiting methodologies to stay ahead of the competition.

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Forward-thinking clinical laboratories and pathology groups can adopt these five strategies to attract new pathology candidates.

Five Ways to Attract and Retain Millennials and Generation Z

#1 – Accelerate the Hiring Process

Millennial and Gen Z candidates make decisions very quickly, meaning it’s time for practices to speed up the interview process. This can be done by conducting initial interviews virtually and shortening any candidate's closing sequence to weeks (or even days) instead of months.

#2 – Provide Candidates with Immediate Feedback

Once interviews are completed, give candidates feedback and an answer within two to three days. Top candidates should be contacted even sooner.

#3 – Rethink Compensation and Hiring Packages

As demand for job candidates increases, salaries and hiring packages are also on the rise. For this reason, pathology practices must be prepared to offer competitive compensation packages to the best Millennial and Generation Z candidates. Additionally, potential candidates care about flexible schedules and other forms of compensation including relocation assistance, signing bonuses, student loan repayment, retirement plans, and paid health insurance.

#4 – Provide Paid Time Off

As a result of the pandemic, Millennial and Generation Z pathologists expect more paid time off. Pathology groups are now offering six weeks of vacation as well as sick leave and personal time to attract and retain new talent.

#5 – Offer the Latest in Digital Technology

Most Millennial and Generation Z candidates are particularly interested in technology trends. They want to work in practices with updated equipment including the latest computers, reporting platforms, microscopes, digital pathology, and processors.

When making an offer to a candidate, consider a technology package that includes (at the very least) a new computer, laptop, and microscope. In today’s pathology practices, these items are considered standard.

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