We started working with Sante Consulting and Rich Cornell in 2010. At that time we had many senior nationally and internationally recognized leaders of our various divisions of anatomic and clinical pathology. Many of these faculty were approaching retirement age. We made a strategic decision at this point to carefully and deliberately hire the next generation of faculty and leaders that could serve our department and institutional needs for the next ten to twenty years. Since then we have hired 26 faculty and this number will reach 30 by June ’17. We hired people ranging from full professors to people right out of fellowships. By working with Sante we always had a high quality pool of candidates and our searches were always done in a timely manner, i.e. just a few months. There was a dramatic improvement in our recruiting efforts and it was far more efficient than our recruiting prior to working with Sante. We never had a failure. Our experience with Sante has been so positive that we will never do a search without using Sante. Their efforts on our behalf have been nothing less than outstanding.

Leo T. Furcht, MD
Allen-Pardee Professor and Head
Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
University of Minnesota