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After the Search: How to Thrive and Live Your Best Life as a Physician

We understand the stresses that begin once you sign your employment agreement. The next steps of the process are time-consuming and full of change (think relocation, licensing, credentialing, insurance, provider paneling, and more).

It’s the perfect time to introduce you to DocWorking, an evidence-based program created to help physicians build resilience in the midst of stress. DocWorking participants receive peer-to-peer and coaching support to help them thrive and live their best lives as physicians.

Keynote speakers for this webinar include DocWorking Founder and CEO, Jen Barna, and Lead Coach, Jill Farmer. These women are leading the conversation on physician wellness, health and coaching. We hope that you join us to learn ways to prevent burnout, to get relief from overwork, and to chart your course forward with confidence!

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Apr 06 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm